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5 Simple Rules to Protect Your Bitcoin



Bitcoin is no longer a subject of passive income, and it is very much a mainstream income. Bitcoins have immense value in the life of the people who barely have any other source of income. Many people use bitcoin as an investment, while many uses it as a mainstream of income.

It might not sound very reasonable if one uses bitcoin as a primary source of income, but that is how probably they are surviving. Looking back at the past five months, the pressure has been so much that people had no income and no source of money. During those times, people had just found a little respite using the bitcoins.

But if the bitcoins have served us during the difficult days, then it is our responsibility to keep them safe. We need to think about how we can protect our bitcoins adequately through crypto trader. It has become our responsibility to make some rules that will help us to preserve our bitcoins properly.

As the day passes by, it doesn’t seem very easy to save our bitcoins properly. Every day the number of scams is increasing, and the hackers are also growing. These hackers are not any uneducated thieves, and they are adequately qualified developers. Not everyone is well educated enough to steal bitcoins, only technical knowledge people do.

Simple Rules to Protect Bitcoins

The main objective of setting up a rule to protect a bitcoin is to keep your bitcoins safe. There are several ways in which you can keep your bitcoins safe, here we will discuss the 5 of them, which are essential.

Set Up 2 Factor Authentication

The two-factor authentication is essential to keep your asset safe from any criminal activity. It is one of the best ways to get rid of cyber attacks and cyber hacks. This facility asks for a six-digit key number to let you access the asset inside it. Hence the six-digit keeps you safe; only you must know and no one else.

Unless you tell the others, no one would be able to access your asset without the six-digit number. The codes can be changed several times, which means that only you will know the revised laws, and no one else would know about it. One has to guess very severely to get access to the six digits, which seems impossible. You can also use the Google Authenticator application to keep your six-digit lock.

Store the Coin Very Safely

You often look for exchange platforms, but let me tell you that exchanges are way too different from the wallet. If anyone hacks an exchange, then whatever you have in that exchange, you will lose it. There will be no reimbursement for any of the currency that has been cut. Hence you will need a trustworthy wallet. You can store all your bitcoins safely in the wallet very securely, and the chances of hacking the wallet are much less. There are many hardware and software wallets, and you must check all of them before you decide which of the portfolio you choose.   

Do Not Discuss with Anyone

This is the biggest mistake, and one made out of over excitement. Under no circumstances, you must discuss this with anyone if you care about your money. You can not talk with anyone that you have the money, nor can you consider where you have kept this money. This would expose you to be at high risks. 

The less the information you share with people, the more potent and powerful your wallet would remain.

Never Use the Same Password Twice

This is a thumb rule that you must not ever use the same user name or password. It would help if you often change your password and username, but make sure that you do not use the same name or password more than once.

Avoid Unnecessary Transaction

If you are using bitcoins just as extra money, then transactions are meant to be done, but if you are using the coin as an investment, then you must avoid unnecessary purchases. You must save the cryptocurrency for the future to get back good returns from the currency. This is how you can protect your bitcoins safely.



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Brazilian Fund Manager to Launch World’s First Crypto ETF with Nasdaq

Regulated Brazilian fund manager Hashdex has reportedly partnered with Nasdaq to launch the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund (ETF) on the Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX). According to a report published by local news outlet Infomoney, Hashdex has already obtained approval to launch the ETF, dubbed the Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index ETF. The ETF was developed […]



Regulated Brazilian fund manager Hashdex has reportedly partnered with Nasdaq to launch the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund (ETF) on the Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX).

According to a report published by local news outlet Infomoney, Hashdex has already obtained approval to launch the ETF, dubbed the Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index ETF. The ETF was developed in a partnership with Nasdaq, and is set to be listed on the BSX to take advantage of the region’s pro-crypto regulations. The BSX has confirmed it will be listing the Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index ETF.

An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a security that involves a collection of other securities tracks and often tracks an underlying index, and while not a lot of details on the crypto ETF have been release, it’s said to track a crypto index developed by Nasdaq and Hashdex to “represent an institutional investment scenario in cryptocurrencies,” Infomoney writes.

The ETF’s methodology and other information related to the product are set to be released by Nasdaq at launch, according to Hashdex. Marcelo Sampaio, CEO of the Brazilian fund manager, said that Nasdaq being a part of the project confirms cryptoassets are earning investors’ interest and confidence. Sampaio added (roughly translated):

This process is also expected to accelerate the entry of institutional investors in this segment. It is a trend that is increasingly becoming concrete.

Notably, various organizations have tried, in varying ways, to list a Bitcoin ETF on major stock exchanges, but all of these attempts have been rejected by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Earlier this year, in a dissenting statement, Commissioner Hester Peirce – a proponent of cryptocurrency-related products – revealed she disapproved of the rejection, and that it leads her to conclude the agency is “unwilling to approve” the listing of products that would “provide access to the market for Bitcoin.”

Commissioner Hester Peirce added that “no filing will meet the ever-shifting standards that this Commission insists on applying to Bitcoin-related products—and only to Bitcoin-related products.”

Featured image via Unsplash.

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Remitano Launches Mission, a New Online Job Market for Crypto Lovers




Remitano, a global P2P crypto exchange, has just launched a new online job market—Mission. It is the latest element in its push to realize its full potential and open a new window of employment opportunities to crypto users.

Missions are simple, short-term tasks that anyone can do and get paid for. For example, “Share a Remitano post on Facebook.” The new online job market will provide a range of “easy and quick apply” jobs (mission) for crypto lovers wishing to have additional earnings. This way, applicants can skate through the application process and land jobs fast.

Finmax BTC

As of the August 2020 announcement, Remitano already released a set of guidelines for users looking to take advantage of the offerings. The guide includes:

  • Highlights of the missions
  • Steps to apply
  • Application requirements

Complete a Mission and Get Instant Crypto

Complete a Mission and Get Instant Crypto

While the internet has become the most vital channel for personal recruiting, and people consider different aspects of a job to be fulfilling, some common elements include work-life balance, growth, and a strong work community. Remitano’s newest mission is geared towards promoting similar values and keeping like–minds meaningfully engaged with the crypto community.

Furthermore, Remitano is thrilled to collaborate with greenhorns interested in building along with it. Hence, if you’re new to cryptocurrency trading and wish to maximize your earnings or want a legitimate way to get instant crypto without purchasing it, you can create a free Remitano account and join the mission the next job on hand.

Why You Might Want to Join Remitano’s Mission

  • A side job: If you’re looking to expand your income or even monetize your free time, missions are ready for the taking. You will be poised to earn extra cash by helping to present Remitano’s ideas across the internet.
  • More remote flexibility: With more people working from home, having a practical and comfortable working space is more important than ever. Remitano encourages this by providing digitized work environments for its employees’ remote adaptability.
  • Unlimited geography: Missions are for everyone, no matter where they are. Job seekers can access available online jobs from anywhere and apply for roles they fit into.
  • Streamlined application: Applicants only need to prep and submit requisites and certificates, allowing you to walkover face-to-face interviews.
  • Instant credit of cryptocurrency: Once a mission is completed, successful candidates will receive instant crypto remuneration to their Remitano wallets.

About Remitano

Remitano is a product of Babylons Solutions Limited based in Seychelles. As a fast-moving marketplace, Remitano’s purpose is to offer a robust, quality trading experience to all users. With necessary safety standards, buyers and sellers can come together, store, trade, and retrieve assets, thus minimizing challenges common to crypto exchanges.

Launched in 2014, Remitano is a global cryptocurrency exchange serving international markets, such as Malaysia, China, Nigeria, Vietnam, Australia, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

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