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Best Blockchain Conferences And Events For 2020



There is opportunity all around us, but the distinguishing factor between those who are successful and those who are not is usually not how smart, intuitive or lucky they are. Successful people tend to have the tenacity to put themselves in uncomfortable situations more than others and it is through these scenarios in which they gain the most growth impactful connections. They gain a great understanding of how other people think, predict changes in behaviour and use this knowledge to cause an impact.

With blockchain continuing to gain traction, adoption and implementation through companies such as IBM, Walmart and are only the beginning. Those anticipating the impact of the blockchain will redefine and shape many aspects of society as they discuss these ideas in their own industries, professional networks and seminars. It’s not a matter of if anymore, but rather when blockchain will become a part of everyday life. And whether you belong in the finance, healthcare, educational or any other sector, the value you bring can help project the technology forward.

With the usage of technology continuing to expand exponentially, we have seen a major transition from it being a minor convenience to something we are reliant on for our everyday lives. Specifically, with blockchain, the new technology bridges the gap between different industries, increases efficiency and accelerates the process of human development. Regardless of what field you belong in, the advancement of your industry will no doubt be influenced through blockchain technology.

Understanding the technology itself doesn’t require too much emphasis on the technicalities, but recognizing relevant use cases will give you an edge in your professional career as well as the opportunity to solve current problems in your respective field.

Blockchain events are currently being held in many locations around major cities worldwide and each has something unique to offer. Blockchain week in San Francisco this year had major guest speakers, educational seminars, career fairs and afterparties that were brimming with some of the world’s brightest and inspiring minds. It was a great place to network and learn, with an environment of friendly people that are excited about what’s to come and always willing to share their knowledge. Conventions like these often happen in larger cities and is always a great opportunity to expose yourself to the field.

For those who have had a large amount of professional experience, blockchain is an industry thriving with individuals from all different disciplines. The collaboration between professionals in blockchain who had backgrounds in cell biology, neuroscience and supply chain is prevalent. The different backgrounds bring forward a plethora of new perspectives to overcome challenges as well as a friendly atmosphere in which no one should feel intimidated and everyone can add value.

In addition to blockchain conferences and seminars, many people are taking the initiative to implement new projects and modern-day solutions utilizing blockchain.

Meetups circulating blockchain technology has become incredibly popular and are easy to locate regardless of if you’re near a major city or not. Partnerships between universities and local startup grind projects have flourished in the past few years, combining industry expertise with the ambition of the younger generation.

While the younger generation gains the opportunity to network with professionals and gain valuable knowledge outside of the classroom, they also get the chance to work for hands on with a project with their accumulated knowledge from the university.

For those wishing to gain some hands-on experience with the technology, projects such as Hyperledger and apps like meetup make finding local projects utilizing blockchain technology simple and straightforward.

In addition, conferences provide incredible content in which you will undoubtedly learn the use cases of blockchain and why it is so integral to gain an understanding of it. Both are incredible opportunities to learn more about blockchain and are some of the best learning experiences as well as networking opportunities.

With development continuing to accelerate, it’s important to educate yourself in to stay aware of industry changes as well as taking the opportunity to be a part of the process.

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Cardano, Ontology, Coin Price Analysis: 19 September



Cardano formed a bearish pattern on the charts as it braced for another dip in its price. The bearish pressure on the crypto-asset abated briefly, but sellers once more stepped in at a level of resistance to effect a slide for ADA. Coin, on the other hand, formed a bullish pattern. Ontology also displayed signs of bullishness.

However, since major altcoins seem to bleed whenever Bitcoin makes a move to the upside or down, another move could invalidate altcoin chart patterns.

Cardano [ADA]

Cardano, Ontology, Coin Price Analysis: 19 September

Source: ADA/USD on TradingView

Cardano appeared to form an uptrend from its recent lows as it briefly rose past its resistance at $0.097. However, sellers have prevailed since and the price was forming lower highs over the past week.

ADA formed a descending triangle pattern, as shown by the white line. This was accompanied by falling trading volume, also highlighted by the same. Such a bearish pattern signaled an imminent drop in the asset’s price.

The next level of support for ADA, beneath $0.091, lay at $0.085.

Cardano was in the news recently when IOHK announced a $250K public fund for Cardano community innovation, Project Catalyst. “Anyone can bring their idea and create a proposal,” the announcement said. “Through a public vote” winning proposals will begin a development process, it added.

Ontology [ONT]

Cardano, Ontology, Coin Price Analysis: 19 September

Source: ONT/USD on TradingView

The 20, 50, and 100 SMA (white, yellow, and pink respectively) showed that the past couple weeks have seen an uptrend. Their crossovers also indicated bullishness in the near-term.

Further, the MACD was forming a bearish crossover over the past few days. And yet, the previous week saw every price drop beneath this support being bought up as many candles near the $0.78-support level had significant tail wicks.

The outlook for ONT remained bullish, but a close beneath the support might suggest short-term bearishness. Coin [CRO]

Cardano, Ontology, Coin Price Analysis: 19 September

Source: CRO/USDT on TradingView Coin was forming a bull pennant on its 4-hour charts. The same was evidenced by the white lines which formed the pennant, while the yellow line formed the flag pole of the pattern. The height of the flagpole is generally the upside target for this pattern. Here, the target would be $0.19.

The Parabolic SAR also gave a buy signal. The dots formed by the indicator would be a good place to set a stop-loss, as the pattern would be invalidated if the price closes beneath the pennant.


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MyCoinStory is the 1st exchange to list SUN and KLAY derivatives

MyCoinStory is the first cryptocurrency exchange to launch SUN and KLAY tokens derivates SUNUSDT and KLAYUSDT future contracts are the first MCS’s “Colorful Quanto” products This comes as a part of expanding MCS’s portfolio of products Today comes the news of the world first. MyCoinStory (MCS), a global exchange specialized for trading cryptocurrency derivatives, has […]



  • MyCoinStory is the first cryptocurrency exchange to launch SUN and KLAY tokens derivates
  • SUNUSDT and KLAYUSDT future contracts are the first MCS’s “Colorful Quanto” products
  • This comes as a part of expanding MCS’s portfolio of products

Today comes the news of the world first. MyCoinStory (MCS), a global exchange specialized for trading cryptocurrency derivatives, has listed SUNUSDT and KLAYUSDT future contracts.

Both of these products are the very first of their kind in the world. They are also among MCS’s first two offerings in what they call the “Colorful Quanto” group of products.

SUN token in SUNUSDT futures is widely considered to be the most acclaimed experimental Decentralized Finances project run by the TRON Foundation. As a reminder, TRON Foundation is the company behind TRON Protocol.

KLAY token is the native currency of the Klaytn blockchain behind which is the Ground X. This company is the subsidiary of the largest South Korean mobile platform, Kakao Corporation.

MyCoinStory offers quanto futures

Quanto contracts are special derivative instruments that are not settled in either base or counter currency of the pair. Instead, they are settled as a different asset. In the case of these two products, settlements are in bitcoins.

MyCoinStory has announced that it will continue to focus on introducing new unique quanto contracts products. This they hope will preserve their position as leaders in the market.

There is a wealth of different cryptocurrencies on the market, and often they show a high frequency of fluctuations. With quanto features, MCS is striving to increase the diversity of products they offer on their trading platform.

What is MCS?

MyCoinStory or MCS is a brainchild of financial and blockchain experts. It’s a trading platform centered around bitcoin derivative products.

As their mission, MCS states the curation of a democratic trading platform for cryptocurrency derivative. One where anyone can trade with disregard for their location of level of expertise.

For this purpose, MCS has partnered with custodian BitGo, one of the leaders in the digital assets custody industry. Based on the customers’ feedback, MyCoinStory continually improves its trading platform and diversifies its products’ offer.

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Etherum Fees Double In a Week As DeFi Heats Up

The average fee for transactions on Ethereum has reached its second-highest level ever, after setting the record earlier this month.



In brief

  • The average Ethereum transaction fee rose to more than $11, more than double last week’s figure.
  • Daily average fees still haven’t dipped below $2, continuing a record-breaking streak.
  • More hash power is being added to the network.

Ethereum fees remain at historically elevated levels, as miners scramble to add capacity and profit from record-breaking network activity levels.

Average transaction fees on the Ethereum network have more than doubled since last week, rising to $11.61 on September 17 and maintaining a streak of prices above $2 that’s now lasted for more than a month, far longer than any previous stretch at those levels.

The Ethereum blockchain hash rate—the amount of computational power that supports the network—has also increased to levels unseen since 2018 as miners add capacity to their operations, signaling market activity on both the supply and demand sides that have (almost) never been higher.

Fees paid by users to send tokens or interact with smart contracts on the Ethereum network serve as a measure of network activity, with higher averages translating to more transactions on the network. The average fee of $11.61 was the second-highest daily average on record, only falling short of the record $14.58 average daily fee set a few weeks earlier on September 2, according to blockchain data provider BitInfoCharts.

The total amount of mining power helping process transactions on the Ethereum blockchain has also been on the rise. Ethereum miners use ‘rigs’ of connected computer graphics cards (GPUs) to produce blocks for the Ethereum blockchain, adding ‘hash power’ to the overall pool. In return, miners receive a small and gradually decreasing block reward of ETH, as well as mining fees paid by users to use the network. 

With fees at some of their highest levels ever, miners have been adding more and more hash power, increasing the total close to 250 terahashes per second—that’s 250 trillion tries to find the right mathematical computation to find the next blockchain block. That figure is up 30% since the start of July according to blockchain explorer Etherscan, and the hash rate has only ever been higher during a period from February to November 2018, when the hash rate peaked at more than 290 terahashes per second. 

Record activity on the Ethereum network is being driven by DeFi, a system of decentralized applications enabling non-custodial, crypto-based lending services and fees for users providing liquidity for trades on decentralized exchanges. DeFi aims to replace centralized rent-seeking financial institutions with protocols offering the same services, but in the hands of the community of supporters and users.

With average fees at some of their highest levels ever and Ethereum miners gearing up for even more network activity, it seems like ETH prices, still off from a recent September 1 peak of more than $480, could be headed skyward, too.

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