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California Cannabis Tax Revenue Reaches $1 Billion In Last Two Years



California revealed that cannabis tax revenue has totaled more than $1 billion dollars in the state since January of 2018.

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Did Uniswap Rush UNI Token Launch In Response To Sushiswap?




Uniswap has been creating a lot of buzz in the decentralized finance [DeFi] space. The popular lending protocol has recaptured the imagination of traders with its native token UNI which was recently launched on the Ethereum mainnet.



Since it went live on the second-largest blockchain network, UNI’s prices climbed a high of $5.81 before retracing its steps back down to the current price level of $5.16 after putting on an impressive rally of over 50% in the last 24-hours. Additionally, UNI was the third largest among other DeFi tokens on the CoinMarketCap leaderboard, at the time of writing.

In terms of the total value locked in USD, the protocol dominated the first position as it jumped all the way to $1.40 billion. In addition to that, with respect to Ether and Bitcoin locked in, Uniswap was ranked at second and fifth position with 1.861 million ETH and 12.874K BTC respectively. Besides, DAI locked in Uniswap also surged to a fresh all-time high of 110.266 million.

The listing of the UNI token on high-profile cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase Pro and Binance further catapulted the protocol’s popularity. But was this “unexpected” move, a response to the forked SushiSwap controversy?

Andre Cronje, who happens to be a longtime developer and the Founder of another important DeFi protocol called Yearn. Finance echoed a similar sentiment on Twitter. Cronje tweeted,

“Kinda meh about the UNI launch. The launch itself is perfect, surprise launch, and retrospective. Exactly how it should be done nowadays. But I can’t help but feel that the launch was simply in response to SUSHI. Never let other people set the pace for you, move at your own pace”

He further went on to point out,

“Traditionally, I have found the Uniswap team to have a much longer play. They just recently closed their funding. I wasn’t expecting a token until after the v3 launch. Why hype up v3 but launch a token with v2? My data showed UNI would come with/after v3.”

In a similar tone, Mark Jeffrey, co-founder, and CEO of Guardian Circle weighed in and stated that Uniswap “had no option but to react” and that a response to Sushi was required.

Several market commentators also speculated the unexpected launch could essentially be an outcome of the surmounting pressure on the protocol by its investors due to the popularity of its vampire protocol- Sushiswap, which, although was a fork of Uniswap, it did proffer a better trading fee distribution model.

Nevertheless, UNI was riding on the success of its protocol and well-known cryptocurrency exchanges listing the token has further acted as a catalyst and was a crucial development for the overall Uniswap ecosystem.

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Author: Ketaki Dixit

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Living in America? Don’t Forget to Leave Some UNI Tokens for the IRS



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TOP 5 Best performing Crypto Bots -2020-2021



There is not just HODL in the life of crypto-enthusiasts, also there is trading. Whether for beginners in the field or for those who want to maintain a trading strategy up and running 24 hr a day, using a Bitcoin trading bot seems to be a fantastic option. Trading robots are spreading out in the financial markets, and the cryptocurrencies are no exemption.

What is a Crypto Trading Bot?

Trading robots are nothing more than trading techniques that when configured instantly implement a trading strategy according to its configuration and market price of an asset. While not necessarily as responsive, or as versatile as a person, the Bitcoin trading bot contends the very least 3 major benefits over people:

  1. It can work non-stop: every second, the 7 days per week, 365 days a year, the bot can keep track of the markets. Once the bot is launched, it will work day a day without its human owner requiring to check it out – other than from time to time to check its efficiency!
  2. It has a quicker and more exact decision-making process: where it will take the human simply a few secs to click and trade, the bot will have already been able to perform about 10 procedures if it follows the set approach. And it pegs to the trading strategy with the accuracy of a sniper.
  3. The bot has no emotions: this is crucial for trading. Adhering to a predefined trading strategy and don’t take psychological decisions are one of the most difficult things for a human that is subject to his feelings. Excessive greed, fear, or deception are harmless to a trading robot.

Top 5 Best Performing Trading Bots 2020-2021

1 –

The number one in our list is a French contender, NapBots is a cryptocurrency and bitcoin trading robot that supports a vast number of cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, BitPanda Pro, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, BitMEX, OKEX and Phemex.

As soon as you have picked the exchange that you desire to work with, you can cherry-pick the algorithmic trading strategies that you want the trading robot to execute. NapBots claims to be the only automated trading service provider that permits individuals to compound various trading bots within the exact same function. Their Crypto Trading strategies vary on different time horizons: hourly, daily, or weekly. The bot trades on the most liquid cryptocurrencies that are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, XRP, as well as BNB.

The distinction this bot has is the simpleness, as well as the premium crypto strategies that it offers in comparison with various other rivals. With in-house made crypto trading strategies, NapBots gives a fully automated trading system. Additionally, it’s very straightforward and simple to use as well as setting it up, even the non-experts can set up and run this bitcoin bot.

The bot has a number of different pay subscriptions, with Freemium (Free), Silver (19 Euros Per Month), Gold (49 Euros Each Month), Platinum (99 Euros Each Month). The much more pricey plans you choose, the more features and useful the experience for user.

The team behind NapBots is part of a regulated group by the AMF(Similar to SEC in the USA), in which you have Napoleon AM a French regulated Asset management company, that has been the 1st in Europe to be a regulated crypto asset manager and the 1st to launch a regulated exposition fund to BTC in France. NapBots itself is not regulated but it is the sister company of Napoleon AM.

Integrated by a team of skilled traders who have handled quantitative strategies for over 20 years in major French financial institutions. Over the last 3 years, they have designed more than 20 strategies dedicated to Stocks, FIAT, and crypto-assets. Several of their oldest strategies such as BTC LO have actually been live over 3 years period over-performing his underlying. Today’s performance of this strategy is over 100% in the last 12-months, proven itself to be a good performer in both Bear and Bull markets. Also, some of their brand-new hourly and daily strategies have been breaking records by reaching new All-Time Highs the past weeks. Whether you wish to benefit from its supportive community or its innovative and easy to use platform, NapBots is definitely the most effective trading software to automate your trading strategy.

2 –

3commas trading bots are among the best on the market, even though its platform is quite recent, it has taken a place in the hearts of investors.

What distinguishes 3commas from other trading robots is their capability to follow prices on a number of cryptos trading systems at the same time.

These trading robots likewise enable to trade a number of cryptoactives at the same time. There are numerous membership formulas for 3commas bots, ranging from $29 to $99 each month.

3 –

Cryptohopper is defined by the ease of use of its trading bots, also for the most amateur.

This simpleness will certainly not stop even more seasoned traders from benefiting from lots of innovative functions to refine their own techniques.Price of the plans to benefit from Cryptohopper goes from $16.58 to $83.25 each month.

4 –

The French group behind Kryll has not only done well in constructing a genuine area of traders on its platform, yet has also brought crucial technologies in the building of automated trading strategies.

Thanks to a distinct and innovative user interface, it is feasible to “put together” trading strategies from blocks of trades by merely “drag & go down” to link them and also construct your very own trading bot.

For the much more newbie or those who wish to save time, it is likewise quite possible to lease strategies/bots designed by various other traders. You can also “backtest” them absolutely free – i.e. attempt the method on previous costs to judge its performance.

You can additionally “backtest” all your trading approaches for up to 7 years free of charge and also unrestricted with a granularity of 1 min. Develop your own automated trading approach on Kryll, or simply rent the robot from a professional investor!

5 –

The Zignaly trading bot appears to bring in the attention of traders, maybe because it is presently feasible to develop a complimentary account on the website?

There is also the fact that the Zignaly group wishes to be transparent regarding its trading tool: users of the robot can quickly call the designers for help or suggestions.

Presently available for Binance and KuCoin crypto exchanges, there are other crypto exchanges that will be added in the upcoming future

Is it a good idea to make use of a Bitcoin trading bot?

We have seen the undeniable value of using a Bitcoin trading bot, specifically because these virtual traders can be used to fully automate your trading strategy, or can be used to complement the trading approach of a trader, helping them with the decision-making.

If NapBots attracts attention from the crowd and finishes initially in this position, it is thanks to its team, strategies and fantastic system, the ease of its set up and plug n play style, opens the door to all types of traders and investors. Its rivals do not lack capabilities or arguments: you just need to pick amongst the available robots and take the one that matches your ideal!


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