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How To Make Money Online [Guide 2019]



Whether you are looking for some easy money or a sustainable income there are definitely ways to earn money on online platforms today. Some ways are easier, those do not require much discipline and show you immediate results which you can use to cover your daily basic needs.

However, there are other ways that with some online-working literacy will certainly change your financial status and transform your life in the long term.

Of course, the majority of people enjoy the feeling of safety that the regular income earned from nine to five jobs provides, especially if they earn adequate pay to cover all daily expenses and generally don’t face any big financial difficulties.

That is not bad. However, let’s consider an important factor. Time is indeed money. You have a limited amount of it. Certainly, we all want to use it carefully and get the most of it. That is why people want to have other sources of money despite their nine to five jobs.

Let’s also consider the following. The online platform gives you opportunities for earning active or passive income. Active income is somehow similar to a nine to five job. You work, you do the job and you get paid for it.

No work, no payoff.

On the other hand, passive income requires an initial investment to start the work. Later, the work goes by itself and you just keep receiving the money.

So, let’s see some of the ways that you can do to earn money online.

Start your blog

You might have heard about earning money through blogging so let’s see how you can monetize your blog.

Personal blog
Personal blog

The most famous and easy way of blog monetization is to get approval from Google and receive Google ads from it. So, what you need is to show Google that you have a quality website and it will put you on top.

You can sign up for a Google AdSense account. There you get an HTML code from google. You copy it and paste it into the backend of your website to confirm that it is you. Then google will find companies that are willing to get advertised for different search terms that are found on your site.

For detailed explanation on how to add Google Adsense you can watch this video or go directly to their website.

The more articles you write, the more content you create, the more keywords you use the more revenue you will receive.

A blogger and financial analyst Jeff Rose shared his experience in a youtube video on making money by blogging.

There he told how he was earning $10 to $20 in the first month and going to $1,000 a month after a year.

Secondly, a tip that he shares in his video he names the Crystal Ball method. That is all about writing earlier on topics and events that you know are going to happen.

This is not a simple tip, but you should consider it carefully because it can take you to the top when the time comes. Think about the event that is potentially going to happen, changes that are going to be made about which no one has written yet.

Or, be the second, third one to write on that topic. Just be early and make sure you produce quality content that will take you to the top.

The key to Jeff’s success is using SEO properly and becoming the top suggestion by google for niche topics that he wrote and focused on.

Besides earning money through Google Adsense there is another method that can help you to earn money through your blog. That is called affiliate marketing. By incorporating with affiliates you are representing a company, specific product or service offered by that company.

Make sure that you write and market something that you believe in or have experience with. That will make your content appear honest and the insider view will clearly be noticed. If you write about those mention in your blog and someone of your readers clicks that link and then opens an account with that affiliate or buys a product through that link then you get paid a small commission.

You better become a customer of that company then share your experience. Tell what you are doing and how you are doing. That way, you will become an expert with that affiliate. Just give it a try and share it with your readers.

Suggest a name

You are now looking for opportunities to earn cash online and some companies and entrepreneurs are looking for opportunities to build or bring their companies to online platforms. To start a company, project, or business they should come up with a name that would speak for it. That might be a complicated task for many and they might prefer to ask people for some good-name-brainstorming and choose the one that fits the best.

Youtube blogger, Franklin Hatchett explains in his video a simple way that any of us can earn money by typing names online.

That is done on an approved website, What you need to do is to register there, which is totally free. You then need to connect your PayPal account to get paid.

Squad Help
Squad Help

As was already said, people are looking for names in there. They explain what they are looking for by introducing the title of the project such as a name for a consulting firm, then some description about the firm and other preferences that they have.

Each of those projects has a budget stating from $100, $200, $300, and even more. So it means that the person whose suggestion is chosen will receive that amount after the time ends.

What makes this “job” easier is that you actually do not need to use your imagination and creativity. Of course, if you have some it will only benefit you. However, there is a website,, where you enter a key-word and find name suggestions with it.


It will bring lots of suggestions, from which you can select any. You can also choose an industry from a wide list and see more specific suggestions.

Two other advantages of going for this online source of money is that you can do it from any part of the world and you do not need any skills or qualifications for it.

That’s it. Simple and profitable. Winning several contests will significantly increase your finances.

So, why not?

Become a Youtube blogger

Yes! It is 100% realistic to earn money from Youtube videos. If you are interested in vlogging on Youtube and earning money with it, make sure you are aware of the requirements that Youtube has.

Youtube Blogger
Youtube Blogger

If you are planning to start a new Youtube channel you have to reach the minimum threshold requirement of 4,000 watched hours and 1,000 subscribers within the last 12 months.

If you meet these requirements you can get your Youtube channel monetized. Whatever amount you start earning depends on you.

You should aim to create content which people are willing to watch. You also should try to create long videos, because the longer the video, the more money you can expect to make.

It can be anywhere from $1 to thousands of dollars. It is not hard to guess that the more views you get, the more money you receive.

This is an option of earning passive income.

Besides the above mentioned, you can also earn money on Youtube through paid sponsorships. However, to get this opportunity, you first should have a large audience. Usually, you should have at least 10,000 subscribers.

As you might already know, affiliate marketing is also a way to earn money on Youtube.

Make money by writing


Another Youtube blogger, Jay Brown, created a video called “Make Money by Typing/Writing $200 to $800 per Day! EASY HACK!” where he explains how one can start earning by writing.

He introduces a website called which is 100% real. Textbroker is a company that is working with thousands of big and small companies, including Yoast (software developing company for WordPress), Staples, eBay to name some.

So why you should write for Textbroker?

  • Firstly, because it has free registration. No money is paid to start.
  • Secondly, because it has a weekly payoff. You can request a weekly payoff as soon as you have earned $10 or more.
  • Third, you will receive feedback from experienced people in your articles. They will rate it and will give an opinion so you can improve yourself and work your way up on this platform.

The fourth reason is that you are free to choose your schedule. You can write anytime you want.

And what is so good about this site is that they have a blog, training, and tutorials to show and help you to make your writing better.

It has an interesting payment system. Your payment strongly depends on your rating. If you are a 2-star writer you will earn 0.7 cents per word. If your rating is 3 stars you will earn a cent per word. If you were rated to be a 4-star writer you will earn 1.4 cents per word. And, you will earn 50 cents if you are a 5-star writer.

So, if your rating is 4 stars, then you will earn $14 for 1,000 words. This is how it works.

By improving the quality of your articles you are increasing your earnings for coming articles.

The payment is very simple. You need to have a PayPal account to receive your payments.

Start a freelance job

You might have heard that many people today prefer online freelancing over 9-5 jobs. Nowadays there are many companies offering that opportunity by connecting clients with professionals.

Some companies offering freelancing platforms include upworks, fiverr, freelancer; etc. This is an example of earning active money online.


Many individuals and businesses post services they want to outsource and look for some qualified or skilled freelancers willing to work on their projects. The good thing about working on an online freelance platform is that it has very low barriers for entry. The only necessary factor is that you should be skilled at something, be it coding, graphic design, article writing, app or software development, or anything else.

Just note, that a robust profile that looks good and trustworthy will significantly increase the likelihood of receiving job offers from potential clients.

Display your best works, highlight specific experiences and mention your skills and qualifications. It will help you to stand out, be noticed and preferred by the clients.

The payment is made via PayPal account.


You have probably used Amazon to order something at least once. Starting a platform aimed to sell books, Amazon now is like a large store selling everything you might need or look for. It also provides several job opportunities, too.

The first way to earn money with Amazon is its Mechanical Turk. It is like Upwork. You should do a freelance job and get paid for it. Again, this is a way of earning active income online.

Amazon Mechanical Turk
Amazon Mechanical Turk

Many businesses introduce some tasks which cannot be done automatically. They start looking for freelance specialists to do that job, be it graphic design, survey filling, review writing, website testing, or translating audio and video contents from different languages.

By doing different tasks you can earn $20-$30 per hour which is not bad, right? This is a totally legit way of making money and getting paid.

The second way to earn money with Amazon is Amazon Kindle publishing. Turning your ideas into an e-book is a very common way of earning money today. The system is very simple.

When someone buys an ebook from Amazon, Amazon and the publisher make money. So can you. What makes this way of earning money difficult is that you actually need to have a book, which you are going to sell.

It can either be written by you, or you can hire someone to write it for you. There is no need to be an established author or find a publishing company to do this. You can sit in your favorite cafe or in your comfortable apartment and write it. Then the passive income will come on its own. It does sound awesome, right? The best part of this is that is absolutely free. So, just sign up and start making some money.

The third way to earn with Amazon is called Amazon Associate Program. It is a very popular and easy way of earning passive income.

All you need to do is to sign up for the Amazon Associates program, which is free and you can select from thousands of stuff that Amazon sells on their website and start promoting. Amazon will give you a special link and every time someone buys through your link Amazon will give you a commission anywhere from 5 to 10% of the sale.

Amazon will pay you in 60 days and you can choose to be paid either through Amazon gift cards or bank accounts. Although getting paid by a bank account transfer is only available in the US, you can also get paid via checks or get money transferred to your Amazon account and start buying stuff with it.

In conclusion of the article

These are just some of the ways to earn passive or active income online. There are many more opportunities. However just note that, whichever method you choose, be it writing a Blog, suggesting brand names, earning by writing articles or doing some freelancing or Amazon, or creating videos on YouTube, you should focus on quality and aim to be competitive on online platforms.

And just remember that time is the most expensive resource that you possess and it is limited. You do want to spend it the best possible way and use it efficiently. That is why you should not sit at your place when there are so many ways that you can go with to increase your earnings, and thus the quality of your life.

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Gemini Targets Privacy with Shielded Zcash Withdrawals

Gemini is on a roll. After adding a slew of DeFi tokens to its trading platform in recent weeks and drumming up excitement in the crypto community, the exchange has now taken a step toward greater privacy, a feature that is near and dear to the hearts of crypto investors. Tyler Winklevoss, the Gemini co-founder, […]

The post Gemini Targets Privacy with Shielded Zcash Withdrawals appeared first on BeInCrypto.



Gemini is on a roll. After adding a slew of DeFi tokens to its trading platform in recent weeks and drumming up excitement in the crypto community, the exchange has now taken a step toward greater privacy, a feature that is near and dear to the hearts of crypto investors.

Tyler Winklevoss, the Gemini co-founder, announced on Twitter that the crypto exchange now supports shielded Zcash withdrawals.

According to Winklevoss, the shift toward shielded transactions marks a milestone as “a world’s first for a regulated exchange.” Gemini noted in an announcement that the move would give regulators a chance to “get comfortable with privacy-enabling cryptos.”

Its timing couldn’t be better. With the EU revealing that a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies was in the works, all eyes are on the US for its next move.

Winklevoss told BeInCrypto,

We’re focused on building features that give you financial freedom. Supporting 15 new DeFi tokens last week and now supporting shielded Zcash withdrawals help advance our mission.

Shielded Transactions

The Electric Coin Company, which is behind the privacy coin Zcash, also touted the development, saying it’s a stamp of regulatory approval for Zcash’s confidential transactions.

Zcash transactions can be either private or transparent, depending on the wallet address that is used. Private addresses begin with a “z” while transparent addresses start with a “t.”

The Zcash technology uses zk-SNARKs to obfuscate certain features of the transaction, including the address, amount, and memo field. With Gemini’s support, users of the exchange can now “withdraw to shielded Zcash addresses.”


Bitcoin Core Dev Didn’t See It Coming

Crypto Twitter is a tough place to impress, but Gemini managed to win the kudos of one blockchain pioneer. Jeff Garzik, an early Bitcoin developer, cheered the development on Twitter, saying it was a “big step for centralized exchanges,” one that he didn’t see coming in 2020.

Yield Farming Zcash

Zcash has also made its way into the burgeoning DeFi space. According to the Zcash forum, users can mint ZEC as an ERC-20 token, which brings them into the world of Ethereum.

As of September, more than 900 ZEC is wrapped on Ethereum. Electric Coin Company CEO Zooko Wilcox recently tweeted about yield farming ZEC.

According to the Zcash forum, there is a poll on the Maker governance platform “for renZEC to be reviewed by the domain teams of MakerDAO.” Maximilian Roszko explained on the forum,

Down the line, if this passes the executive vote, you would be able to take out a loan against your ZEC, which is fantastic!

If it happens, that’s where Gemini’s two worlds will likely come together.



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KuCoin Hacker Starts Moving Millions in ERC-20 Tokens, XRP to Cash Out

The hacker who stole hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of cryptassets form Singapore-based crypto exchange KuCoin have started moving millions in ERC-20 tokens and XRP to cash out using various methods. Data from the Ethereum blockchain, spotted by Whale Alert, shows that the hacker, who managed to steal an estimated over $200 million from […]



The hacker who stole hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of cryptassets form Singapore-based crypto exchange KuCoin have started moving millions in ERC-20 tokens and XRP to cash out using various methods.

Data from the Ethereum blockchain, spotted by Whale Alert, shows that the hacker, who managed to steal an estimated over $200 million from the exchange, initially moved small amounts of the token that powers the decentralized derivatives platform Synthetix, SNX, to Uniswap.

Then, the hacker moved $1.1 million worth of the cryptocurrency to the decentralized exchange, presumably to cash out. It also moved other ERC-20 tokens to the trading platform, which as a decentralized exchange does not enforce identity checks.

While the hacker can move and exchange funds using Uniswap, transactions made on the decentralized exchange are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain and visible to the public, meaning they are likely not enough to launder the funds.

Moreover, several small cryptocurrency projects have either frozen or invalidated the funds the hacker managed to steal from KuCoin in a bid to stop them from laundering the funds. Ocean Protocol, for example, revealed 21 million tokens worth over $8.6 million were stolen, and that as a first measure it paused the OCEAN contract.

Data from Whale Alert also shows the hacker move 37.35 million XRP tokens, worth over $9 million, to several addresses, some of them belonging to little-known cryptocurrency exchanges.

Hacker Seemingly Sent Funds to Defunct Exchange’s Address

Some of the transactions show Byex received $11,000 in XRP from the hacker in an initial transaction, before receiving another $66,600. At press time, the hacker is still moving funds to the Byex address.

Notably, Byex shut down in June of this year over the crypto market’s “condition,” as it was “no longer economically viable” for the exchange to keep on running. Its last posts on social media were asking customers to withdraw their funds before these were disabled.

CryptoGlobe reached out to a former admin of the Byex exchange, who told us that the exchange has been shut down and is no longer managed by anyone. When asked whether it could be a former manager managing the XRP address, the former Byex Admin, Ally Ssa, said “we are not sure as the platform [has] been closed down, all the staff been laid off.”

Another smaller cryptocurrency exchange, HotBit, received funds from the KuCoin hacker. When contacted by CryptoGlobe, a representative said he “already forwarded the issue to relevant colleagues.”

Featured image via Pixabay.

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  • Many of the featured exchanges act as a first ever touching point with modern financial applications for a large part of currently still unbanked populations.



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