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Nintendo Switch Announces Monster Prom: XXL



COVID-19 may be canceling school proms, but the Nintendo Switch is bringing the prom to gamers with Monster Prom: XXL.

One of the main highlights for students during the school year is going to prom. Boys and girls nervously hope that their crush will ask them to the prom or accept their invitation. Limos are rented and dashing suits and enchanting dresses are carefully considered. However, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has scuttled prom for this year, but gamers do have another way to enjoy this time-hallowed tradition. The Nintendo Switch recently announced the upcoming launch of Monster Prom: XXL.

It’s a Graveyard Smash for the Nintendo Switch

Gamers can circle May 21 on their calendars as that is when Monster Prom: XXL is released for the Nintendo Switch. Players take on the role of a student at a high school populated with monsters, and it is only three short weeks to prom.

This dating sim game features the original game, the Second Term DLC, and all the seasonal content that was released during the game’s original lifespan. There are hundreds of events for players to navigate through, making choices to increase their stats in the hope of getting their chosen love interest to fall for them.

There are over 1,000 multiple outcomes for this Nintendo Switch game, and plenty of items to help players achieve their goals. The game can be played solo or with up to four players, either locally or online. Friends can become bitter rivals in Monster Prom; XXL if they set their sight on the same love interest.

Monster Prom: XXL for the Nintendo Switch.

Multiple Characters

There are eight love interest characters in Monster Prom: XXL. What is intriguing is that all the characters are available to be pursued as sexual orientation and gender do not impact gameplay at all.

The eight love interest characters are:

  • Damien LaVey – a fearless demon with a taste for destruction and a love of fire.
  • Vera Oberlin – a mean, self-made gorgon with a merciless sense of business.
  • Zoe – an eldritch cutie who went from endless deity of the dark realms to ultimate fangirl.
  • Polly Geist – a party ghost with an insatiable hunger for all the wrong things.
  • Miranda Vanderbilt – a sweet mermaid princess who was as cute as she was genocidal.
  • Oz – a shy and insecure being made purely from fear.
  • Liam de Lioncourt – a hipster vampire whose stand-offish demeanor hid that he was truly a lovable dork.
  • Scott Howl – a werewolf athlete who compensated for his rather small brain with a stupidly huge heart.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is fueling the amount of video games people are playing. While schools, concert venues, and parks are closed due to quarantine orders, at least Nintendo Switch gamers can soon try to score a date for a virtual prom.

Images courtesy of Nintendo.

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Bahrain’s Central Bank authorizes U.K’s Fasset to test blockchain-based solutions



The Central Bank of Bahrain today authorized U.K-based Fintech firm, Fasset, to begin testing the tokenization of hard assets in Bahrain’s regulatory sandbox, according to a press release shared with AMBCrypto.

The firm has so far raised around $4.7 million in a pre-seed round from “strategic backers” in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Singapore.

The announcement comes on the back of Fasset announcing the roll-out of its flagship crypto-exchange, FEX, in Bahrain next year, with the announcement also stating that it will be open to investors from Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. The announcement, however, did not expand on whether Fasset would acquire any additional permits.

Traditionally, the region mandates these platforms acquire a certification from the Bahrain-based Shariya Review Bureau (SRB), a certification that allows firms to abide by the tenets of Islamic law (that do not permit gambling and taking interest on loans, among others.) While this may seem like an additional, and maybe even an unnecessary step to outsiders, the certification is seen as an advantage in the region since it allows firms to unlock a network of investors observant of Islamic financial policies.

In fact, according to a 2017 study by the Malaysia International Islamic Financial Center, investments from networks that adhere to Sharia are said to be worth more than $70 billion. Algorand‘s network, for instance, has already acquired the said Sharia certification to operate in Bahrain.

While local laws in the Gulf have contributed to cryptocurrency trades being restricted, like Bahrain, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are also focusing on adopting blockchain tech. This could stem from the fact that the region is home to a huge number of expats that hail from developing markets, a demographic observation that might be motivating the Gulf to take on blockchain tech to expand on remittances.

For instance, UAE-based retail bank, RAKBank, adopted Ripple’s blockchain tech to widen its remittance routes to provide quick cross-border payments to India and Bangladesh. Meanwhile, Chainanalysis had reported that the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA), Saudi Arabia’s central bank, “has conducted several blockchain initiatives,” including using blockchain technology to “deposit funds to local banks.”

With the launch of FEX and its entry to Bahrain’s regulatory sandbox, the firm may soon compete with another crypto-exchange, Rain, with the latter already operating in the Kingdom with a full license from the central bank.

The most recent development is only evidence of the Gulf embracing blockchain tech.


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Is Bitcoin back in the lead? Falling ETH IV suggests so



The cryptocurrency market has never been averse to volatility. Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two major crypto assets’ relationships have spelled the future of most alts in the market, and currently, the Ethereum’s lead has been challenged by the largest crypto, Bitcoin.

The spread between the six-month-at-the-money implied volatility for Ether and Bitcoin, a measure of expected relative volatility between the two assets declined to 4.3% on 28 September, as per the crypto data provider Skew. This level was unseen since July.

Implied volatility suggested the market’s volatility expectations and risks involved with a certain asset over a specific period and is calculated using the prices of an option, time of expiration of the underlying assets, and others. The ETH-BTC implied volatility differential had topped on 22 February and has been seeing a constant push and pull ever since. ETH and other alts were outperforming BTC in February, May, and August, as the largest asset – BTC went under a period of consolidation.

Due to this, the market was expecting a higher Ether price volatility in comparison to Bitcoin. The volatility and growth were driven by the DeFi hype, but currently, DeFi has been facing a down period as top projects were falling and the volume was retracting. This clubbed with the latest expiry of 460k ETH options, may have caused the IV for ETH to slip lower. While BTC was breaking away from a consolidating price and the dominance was once again noting a rise.

Source: TradingView

Bitcoin dominance has been growing over the past couple of weeks and has seen the formation of a double bottom noting a surge from 59% to 61%. If the dominance index continues to rise, the growth of the altcoin will be limited along with Ethereun, while BTC surges in the short-term.


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Bitcoin Difficulty Ribbon Could Indicate Imminent Price Increase



One is called the difficulty ribbon, and it has just broken out of the green buy zone for the first time since March in terms of compression. The metric was reported by analytics provider Glassnode, which added that historically, these had been periods characterized by a positive momentum indicating significant price increases.

Historical Bitcoin Buy Signal

The Bitcoin difficulty ribbon was created by chartist Willy Woo. It consists of simple moving averages of network difficulty enabling the rate of change of difficulty to be easily seen. Periods of high ribbon compression, such as the current situation, have been historically good buying opportunities.

There have been several significant price increases over Bitcoin’s lifespan that followed this ribbon compression breaking out of the green zone. The most recent was around April 2019 when BTC prices surged from below $5k to top out over $13k just three months later.

It was also observed that there had been a massive divergence in difficulty ribbon compression and Bitcoin price over the past six years. However, the chart has used a logarithmic price chart, which may have caused that anomaly.

Bitcoin’s hash ribbon is a similar metric, and CryptoPotato reported that it was flashing buy signals back in July. In the five weeks that followed, BTC price surged 34% to make its 2020 high.

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BTC Price Action Update

Looking at the shorter term, Bitcoin’s price chart has just printed another ‘Bart Simpson’ pattern with a sharp 2.3% decline in just over an hour, wiping Monday’s gains.

Prices had recovered to $10,725 at the time of writing, and sentiment appears to be bullish for BTC, according to a recent poll by analyst and trader Josh Rager.

Bitcoin is currently trading right on the 50-day moving average, which is acting as resistance at the moment. The next step above this is a break above $11k, while on the low side, there is strong support at the $10k level. Analyst ‘CryptoHamster’ added:

“After the breakout the resistance line became support. Now it is getting tested. If it holds, it would be a very nice sign. But it has to hold, otherwise the whole growth is just a short squeeze.”

Short term charts suggest price could go either way, but longer-term on-chain analytics, such as the difficulty ribbon, are more bullish.

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