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Piracy Will Cost Billions to the TV and Music Industries

In most of the Western world, piracy is fought on every corner but still to no avail. The TV and Music industries especially, have been the biggest victims

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With the evolution of the Internet, piracy has become increasingly more sophisticated. It’s biggest victims however, are probably music artists and actors.

In the last year’s forecast of Digital TV Research, it’s mentioned that the TV series and film could reach a revenue loss of over $50 billion by 2022. This is all attributed to online piracy and those rough estimations do not include sports, pay-per-view and other forms of media content. The real number would be quite higher.

If we’re looking at the scale of worldwide blockchain adoption, we must come to the consensus that the technology isn’t capable to destroy piracy, at least not yet. It’s important to note that most media content can be easily captured and reused. This means that in the moment most blockchain projects are not going after piracy so much as ad transparency.

A report from CREATe, a UK copyright research body, dives deeper into the psychological aspects of piracy. If we look past the ridiculous over complication of the aspects of Piracy, we can agree that most people do it because they simply cannot afford these products in any way. Some countries have a limited access, but they can share files endlessly with no repercussions.

There is no clear consensus on the subject since many people will likely have their own viewpoint. There is evidence that blockchain technology can be used to start the initiative to combat piracy. It’s a widely shared opinion that piracy would be completely eliminated if the Internet was entirely built on the technology. While that remains a future possibility, there are a few methods involving blockchain, which can be applied today.

Piracy is an opportunity for profit and fame, if a company can manage to combat it

A “surveillance smart contract” technology is currently being developed by Vevue. The blockchain streaming service says that the technology would be able to track the lifespan of all content. Essentially, this would mean that every time a video is copied or recorded in any possible way, the technology would be able to ID the original owner of the system/device on which the content was last displayed.

The tracking isn’t done by blockchain. Tracking and ID’ing the stolen content is quite the difficult task it goes a little above blockchain. The platform will use a very sophisticated computational engine, which is still pending a patent. It will be tasked with content protection but the details on tracking and ID’ing content will be kept a secret.

Another unique approach is taken by a South African company. CustosTech is implementing the Bitcoin blockchain in the fight against piracy. The company has built a technology known as “forensic watermarking.” It’s essentially a reward system, which embeds a monetary reward, in this case Bitcoin. The reward will be connected to the unique serial number encoded into the media files like eBooks, audiobooks, audio and video.

The technology is also known as digital watermarking and has seen the light of day for a few years now. Many companies use this technology today. The watermark is randomly placed in a piece of the media and it’s completely imperceptible. The fact that it’s location is unknown and the way it’s embedded across the entire file makes it incredibly difficult to remove. Another important part to note is that the serial key is completely unaffected by file manipulation such as downscaling, transcoding, recording or any form of alternation. This means that if a file is suspected of piracy, the serial number can be used to determine the file’s legal recipient and thus the origin of the stolen content.

In the near future many such projects will start popping up. The music and TV industry will do well to invest in such innovations because if successful, they could literally save them billions.

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The post Piracy Will Cost Billions to the TV and Music Industries appeared first on CoinStaker | Bitcoin News.



Review: T1Markets, a Popular Trading Platform for All Your CFD Needs



T1Markets is a Cyprus based regulated online CFD trading platform operated by General Capital Brokers Ltd. The three-year-old platform operating since 2017 with CySEC license (No. 333/17) offers more than 300 CFD products in forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, indices and precious metals.

The T1Markets online CFDs trading platform is designed to be user-friendly and packs a lot of features for the convenience of its trading community. Available for both new as well as seasoned traders, the platform makes traders feel at home by providing MetaTrader 4 based WebTrader interface which is accompanied by mobile trading applications for Android and iOS-powered mobile devices.

While experienced traders do not need an introduction to the T1Markets WebTrader, new users will find it intuitive and flexible. It comes with a highly customizable dashboard and sophisticated, yet user-friendly trading charts and analytical tools that help traders make the right trading decisions and place orders with just a single click.

Some of the noteworthy features of the T1Markets platform include multiple chart windows, real-time balance levels, trade updates, in-platform price alerts, one tap account switching, multiple trade execution methods and more. Like most of the other MetaTrader 4 based platforms, the exhaustive list of trading tools includes more than 30 technical indicators including lines, channels, bars, geometric shapes, Gann, Fibonacci and Elliott tools over 9 time frames (MN, W1, D1, H4(H1), M1, M5, M15 and M30(H1). Traders can choose to keep themselves constantly in touch with the markets by receiving news updates, trading signals, order status, etc. as notifications.

Start Trading

T1Markets has three different account types SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM designed to cater to the needs of traders having different levels of experience. The process of creating an account on T1Markets is simple, with users required to provide their personal information including name, email, and phone number, followed by the completion of a questionnaire regarding their trading experience. After finishing the initial sign up process, they will also have to complete the KYC requirements and make a deposit using any of the available payment methods. With these formalities off the way and the account approved, users can start trading any of the available CFD products.

Account Types and Benefits

Account Type



Deposit Commission

0% 0% 0%


Variable Variable



Retail 1:30

Professional 1:200

Retail 1:30

Professional 1:400

Retail 1:30

Professional 1:500

Withdrawal Process

5 days 5 days

5 days

News Alert

Yes Yes


Free VPS

No Yes


Dedicated Account Manager

Yes Yes


Webinar & Videos

Yes Yes


Islamic Accounts

Yes Yes


24/5 Support

Yes Yes


5th Decimal

Yes Yes



Yes Yes


Swap Discount None 25%


CFD Products

T1Markets has more than 300 CFD products on offer, which includes:

  • Over 45 various currency pairs with leverage of up to 1:500
  • More than 30 cryptocurrency CFDs for portfolio diversification
  • 20+ commodity assets including metals, energies, livestock, agri products at up to 1:125 leverage
  • Major world indices including ASX100, DAX 30, DOW 30, FTSE 100, NASDAQ 100 with up to 125X leverage
  • Stocks and Equities belonging to leading global companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, British Petroleum etc.
  • Precious metal CFDs like Gold, Silver, Palladium and more

Payment Methods

The T1Markets CFD platform supports multiple payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. Some of the popular payment options include MasterCard and Visa Credit Cards, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Safe Charge, Wirecard, OrangePay, PayVision and more.

All deposits are processed within a few hours without any additional commissions charged by the platform. However, withdrawals are not as quick as making deposits as T1Markets has a timeline of 5 days to process them.

Providing a Hassle-free Trading Experience

With a knowledgeable and well-trading team in place, T1Markets support desk ensures that all the platform or trading related queries are quickly resolved. The customer support team is available 7 days a week from 10:00 AM GMT to 20:00 PM GMT and can be either reached through the platform’s live chat, over email or through a phone call.

In addition to customer support, the availability of educational resources like articles, videos, VOD, ebooks, tutorials and courses allows users to learn more about the platform, the best trading strategies and more. All these learnings can be put to practice by using the T1Markets demo account at zero risk.

The state-of-the-art security features further reduce users’ risk by ensuring the safety of all the information as well as funds on the platform. These security features include SSL software, firewalls, Level 1 PCI compliance assistance moderation standards, SAS70 certified server centers, and data encryption across multiple levels.

T1Markets also offers Shariah-compliant Islamic trading accounts for those who prefer it for religious reasons.

Yes or No?

T1Markets is a regulated, online CFD trading platform that offers some of the best features in the industry. It is secure, easy to use and is suitable for the needs of both novice and expert traders alike. By taking all these factors into account, one can say that T1Markets is definitely a platform worth exploring.

Sign up on T1Markets at –


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Crypto Wallet CEO Ron Hose is UnionBank’s New Director



September 28, 2020 – Ron Hose, the CEO of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and mobile wallet, one of the licensed virtual currency exchange (VCE) in the Philippines has been appointed independent director of UnionBank, a major universal bank in the country.

Ron Hose CEO Ron Hose (left) and Coin Republic CEO David Moskovitz are speaking at Cards and Payments Asia in 2016. From Facebook page

The news was first revealed via a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) today. Dated Sept. 25, it revealed that UnionBank’s Board of Directors elected Mr. Hose as an independent director to serve the remaining term of office of Mr. Edwin M. Elechicon, who passed away last June.

Mr. Hose will serve in the following Board Committees:

  • Market Risk Committee as Chairman
  • Risk Management Committee as Regular Member
  • Operations Risk Management Committee as Regular Member
  • Corporate Governance Committee as Regular Member
  • Technology Steering Committee as Regular Member

UnionBank’s disclosure took note of Mr. Hose’s accomplishments. A graduate of Cornell University in 2005 with a Masters of Engineering Degree in Computer Science, he is the Founder and CEO of, a cryptocurrency and mobile wallet with more than 5 million customers. Mr. Hose also held positions in Zapeddy and served as CTO and Director of TokBox, Inc. from 2007 to 2009. is one of the first to receive the virtual currency exchange (VCE) license from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the country’s central bank, which allowed it to engage in cryptocurrency to fiat transactions and vice versa. also has an e-money license, allowing it to legally engaged in electronic money services. and UnionBank have had numerous collaborations through the years. A highlight was the bank’s Bitcoin ATM, which is powered by’s to enable its system. Essentially, buying Bitcoin through UnionBank’s ATM is based on the rates found on and UnionBank are members of multiple organizations promoting fintech for financial inclusion and blockchain, including Fintech Philippines Association and the Distributed Ledger Association of the Philippines.

This article is published on BitPinas: Crypto Wallet CEO Ron Hose is UnionBank’s New Director

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Research: Cryptocurrencies Are The Leading Point of Entry for Retail Investors In Emerging Countries



The popular digital asset exchange Huobi Group has compiled a study exploring the investment profiles of cryptocurrency traders in emerging markets. It concluded that digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have become “the first point of entry to financial management for many individuals.”

The majority of the survey’s participants came from Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. The study concluded that most of them are relatively new to investing.

78% answered that their investment experience is less than a year, while only 17% said they had been actively trading or investing for five or more years.

Entering crypto via BTC and ETH. Image by CryptoPotato

“considering 73% of respondents were of prime working age (26-50 years old), age was not a major contributor to the low levels of prior investing experience.” According to the report.

Furthermore, most participants reaffirmed that cryptocurrencies are their preferable investment instruments with a sizeable difference compared to other markets. Equity trading is next with 30%, while other traditional products such as bonds, real estate, investment funds, and forex received less than a quarter of the answers.

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Longer-Term Holders Stick With Bitcoin And Ethereum

The research revealed that most investors maintain short-term views on cryptocurrencies. 55% indicated that their horizon is less than a year. Only 13% aim for a more extended period (more than four years).

However, when it comes down to specific digital assets, the situation was somewhat different. Bitcoin and Ethereum investors appeared “much more likely to hold” their coins for at least three years.

Interestingly, while most retail investors had answered that their annual income is relatively modest, their investment allocations in cryptocurrencies seemed quite significant.

“A majority (54%) report having an annual income of $10,000 or lower, and very few (13%) earn more than $50,000 per annum. Nearly half (49%) of the respondents plan to invest between 10 – 30% of their annual income in digital assets, and almost 25% plans to allocate more than 30% of their income in crypto.”

Vice President of Global Business at Huobi Group, Ciara Sun, commented that these findings:

“aren’t surprising. They do solidify our belief that digital assets will continue playing a significant role in the future borderless economy and help drive global financial inclusion. As crypto becomes more accessible, it will become a gateway to other financial products and services, helping set a path to financial wellbeing.”

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