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The Ultimate Guide to CBD Tinctures



CBD tinctures are becoming more and more sought-after these days as the popularity of hemp rises. Across the United States, hemp farmers are working hard to keep up with the demands of all of the newfound CBD enthusiasts. People from all walks of life are asking questions about CBD products, and there is a good reason. There is much to know, but not a lot of accurate information out there. In this article, we are going to focus on CBD tinctures. What are they? What makes them so special? How are they made? Where can you find high-quality CBD tinctures ?

First off: What is CBD?

In case you didn’t know, CBD is a cannabinoid within the cannabis plant. This amazing compound is believed to have the ability to provide wellness attributes that benefit the mind, body, and soul. Cannabinol, or CBD, interacts with the endocannabinoid system within our bodies. In simple terms, the endocannabinoid system is a network of cannabinoids within our bodies that have been naturally produced by us. Humans and animals produce cannabinoids known as endocannabinoids. Within this intricate system that we all have, CBD is able to bond inside of our bodies and potentially bring relief from stress and discomfort.

Will CBD Cause a High?

The short answer to this is no. The simple explanation is that THC is what gets people stoned, not CBD. Although THC and CBD are both present in the hemp plant, they are two different compounds. To get an example of how this works, compare the difference between orange juice and vodka. There is a well-known alcoholic beverage known as a “Screwdriver.” If you mix vodka and orange juice together you create the screwdriver. The ingredients are a harmless fruit juice, and an 80 proof distilled spirit with high alcohol content. Although they are both in the drink, they are two different compounds. For most people, orange juice will not cause intoxication. With this illustration of a screwdriver, we can compare the orange juice to CBD. Just as orange juice is not vodka, CBD is not THC.

What are CBD Tinctures?

CBD tinctures are a rising trend in the wellness industry. A “tincture” is a substance that is formed within an alcohol base. In most cases, CBD tinctures are created by using alcohol to extract CBD from the seeds, stems, and flowers of the hemp plant. During this process, the CBD molecules infuse with the alcohol. The liquid that emerges from this process is a robust CBD tincture. While there are a few different ways you can use tinctures, the most effective is to apply a few drops under the tongue. The dose amount is calculated by the weight of the person ingesting it. Many people prefer a CBD tincture over a CBD oil because oils can have a pretty strong, displeasing taste.

How are CBD Tinctures Made?

There are many methods to generate a CBD tincture. In general, parts of the hemp plant such as the flowers and stems are ground up into powder then heated up in an oven to decarboxylate . In order to create an exceptionally high-quality CBD product the hemp plant that is used needs to be healthy and wholesome. Once the ground up hemp has been heated and ready to go the manufacturer will calculate the weight of the powder and find the correct amount of high-proof grain alcohol. Once the alcohol has been added the container is sealed. After this, the solution is set aside for approximately three weeks in order to extract the CBD from the plant. Next, the solution is strained and put through filters. The remaining liquid is a solution that contains all of the CBD that was derived from the powder.

C02 CBD Extraction

Over the years there have been several methods that result in the extraction of CBD oil from the hemp plant. One of the popular methods of today is the Supercritical Extraction Process . This way uses CO2 by causing it to become a liquid. This liquid passes through a chamber that is filled with prepared hemp in a series of cycles where it catches the very essence of the hemp plant and provides a full spectrum of active compounds.

Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures

The term “full-spectrum” pertains to an object that has no limiting factors that reduce the presence of all of its available ingredients. In the case of full-spectrum CBD products, it means that the product contains a full spectrum of compounds available within the hemp plant. In the matter of THC, the legal amount that is allowed in all CBD products is 0.3% or less THC content. This means that there is a small, trace amount of THC within a full-spectrum product, such as a tincture. There are also many other beneficial compounds within the hemp plant that are included in a full-spectrum solution, including over 100 other cannabinoids and a few terpenes .

Broad-Spectrum CBD Tinctures

Broad-spectrum CBD products are similar to full-spectrum, however, they lack the THC content. In the process of creating a broad spectrum CBD product, THC is removed from the tincture towards the end of the process. Removing the THC leaves a CBD product that still includes most of the other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. With most of the other compounds still present, ingestion can enable an entourage effect . This is when the endocannabinoid system utilizes all of the phytocannabinoids and other compounds to work together.  Depending on your needs, or the needs of your pet this may be a safer alternative than a full-spectrum tincture. Another plus to using a broad spectrum CBD tincture is that since there is zero THC content there is no way to get a positive drug test after using it.

Isolate CBD Tinctures

As for isolate CBD tinctures , this means that there are no other cannabinoids or terpenes present in the solution. The CBD has been extracted and isolated in order to obtain a pure CBD product. Although there are many benefits that are affiliated with pure CBD, this also takes away from any other compounds within the hemp plant that could be of value. For some people with individual preferences or needs, this is the best way to go in terms of a CBD tincture.

High-Quality CBD Tinctures at High Falls Hemp NY

Now that we have covered the main points regarding CBD tinctures it is time to talk about where to get the highest quality CBD products that are available on the market today. Whether you are looking for a full spectrum CBD tincture , or an isolate CBD tincture , High Falls Hemp NY uses the finest ingredients with love-grown hemp to create spectacular CBD products . Shop our online store today and see for yourself why all of our customers love us.

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Here’s what traders expect after Bitcoin price rallied to $13,217



On Oct. 21 Bitcoin (BTC) price overtook the $13K mark to reach $13,217 after traders took out key resistance levels at $11,900, $12,000, and $12,500 in the last 48-hours. While there are various technical reasons behind the abrupt upsurge, there are three key factors buoying the rally.

The three catalysts are a favorable technical structure, PayPal enabling cryptocurrency purchases, and Bitcoin’s rising dominance rate.

PayPal’s crypto announcement adds to BTC’s momentum

Earlier today, PayPal officially announced that it is allowing users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

Throughout the past year, speculations on PayPal’s potential cryptocurrency integration continuously intensified after various reports claimed the company was working on it.

In an official statement, Dan Schulman, the president and CEO of PayPal, confirmed the cryptocurrency integration. He wrote:

“We are eager to work with central banks and regulators around the world to offer our support, and to meaningfully contribute to shaping the role that digital currencies will play in the future of global finance and commerce.”

Following PayPal’s statement, the price of Bitcoin immediately rose from around $12,300 to as high as $12,900.

Sui Chung, the CEO of CF Benchmarks, a subsidiary of Kraken exchange, told Cointelegraph that bullish sentiment is likely returning to the crypto market. According to Chung:

“Bitcoin passing $13,000 today, a 16-month high, demonstrates that this trend is only picking up pace. That PayPal, a household name, has received a conditional BitLicense is likely propelling bullish sentiment. Today is significant as a signpost for further price appreciation in the future… the point by which mainstream media and ‘mom and pop’ retail investors may soon start to show interest in the asset, as they did in late 2017.”

Bitcoin dominance is rising

In the past week, Bitcoin has outperformed alternative cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens, and Ethereum.

The dominance of Bitcoin. Source: Josh Olszewicz

Josh Olszewicz, a cryptocurrency technical analyst, said the dominance of BTC is above a key moving average. Technically, this suggests that Bitcoin could continue to outperform altcoins in the near term. Olszewicz said:

“BTC dominance back above the 200-day moving average for the first time since May, king corn is back.”

BTC shows a bullish high time frame structure

Throughout October, traders have pinpointed the favorable technical structure of Bitcoin on the higher time frames.

Bitcoin’s weekly chart, in particular, has shown a breakout and surpassed the previous local top achieved in August.

BTC/USD weekly chart. Source:

Two months ago, BTC topped out at $12,468 on Binance and proceeded to fall below $10,000. As mentioned earlier, today’s high volume surge took the price to a new 2020 high at $13,217, which is well above the previous local top.

In the short-term, traders anticipate that the market will cool down after such a strong rally. Flood, a pseudonymous crypto futures trader, said:

“I think we are quite overextended on $BTC for now. I’d imagine seeing a bit of a retrace where we try to find support in the 12.2-12k range. Not saying we can’t run further, but hedged a bit here.”


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Analysis: Current Bitcoin Rise Due To New Money Entering Crypto (And Not Altcoins Sell Off)



Bitcoin is enjoying several consecutive bullish days, resulting in a break above $12,000. The movement may surprise some. A few days ago, news broke that the popular cryptocurrency exchange OKEx had suspended withdrawals after reports emerged that its founder was taken away by the police.

In early October, the owners of another large platform, namely BitMEX, were charged by the US CFTC with illegally operating a derivatives exchange.

Similar developments typically lead to adverse consequences for the cryptocurrency market. Although Bitcoin’s price indeed dipped briefly, the asset recovered swiftly. Moreover, it actually started accelerating.

On October 2nd, when the BitMEX news came out, BTC slumped to $10,400. With its price set above $12,200, this represents a 17% increase in less than three weeks. Since last Friday alone, when the OKEx events transpired, Bitcoin has gained about $1,000 of value.

Apart from building optimism within the community that a new 2020 high of above $12,500 is coming, BTC’s impressive performance raised questions about the nature of the funds going into Bitcoin.

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New Capital Enters

Popular cryptocurrency commentator Alex Saunders published a graphic on the matter called “Crypto Market Cycle Capital Flows.”

Crypto Market Cycle Capital Flows. Source: Twitter
Crypto Market Cycle Capital Flows. Source: Twitter

Saunders specified that the blue represented the entire cryptocurrency market cap, the black – BTC’s market cap, and the orange was the cumulative market cap of all alternative coins.

He outlined several periods when Bitcoin’s performance contrasted altcoins. This implies that when BTC was heading up, investors were swapping their altcoin positions for more significant exposure to Bitcoin and vice-versa.

However, the latest price increase for the primary cryptocurrency doesn’t fall under the same category. Saunders concluded that the data he collected “suggests the capital entering Bitcoin is new money rather than a rotation from Altcoins.”

Alternative Coins Stay Still

By examining the price performance of the altcoin market, one could see merit in his words. Although some alts have lost value lately, most have remained relatively stable.

On a weekly scale, Ethereum has lost less than 1%, while Ripple has dropped by about 2%, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

The altcoin market cap hovered around $148 billion a week ago and is slightly down to $147 billion now. The monthly scale even sees an increase from about $135 billion.

Altcoin Market Cap. Source: CoinMarketCap
Altcoin Market Cap. Source: CoinMarketCap

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Bitcoin Price Moons to New 2020 Highs on PayPal News



Newfound bullish momentum is omnipresent with Bitcoin’s price throughout the last few days. The cryptocurrency has increased by more than $2,000 since October 6th, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Bitcoin Price Breaks 2020 Highs on PayPal News

Throughout the entire month of September, Bitcoin’s price was somewhat stagnant, with a few minor exceptions. This became a cause for increasing worries among cryptocurrency analysts and traders, many of whom were worried that the price would head lower and fill the (still) unfilled CME gap down at $9,600.

All of this changed on October 6th when BTC started its ascend. Since then, the price has increased by more than $2,000, with the momentum culminating today on some major news coming from PayPal.

The world’s largest online payment processor announced that it would enable its customers to buy, sell, and store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as soon as the “coming weeks” for US-based accounts and the first half of 2021 for other countries.

Naturally, the market reacted in a positive way. Today, Bitcoin’s price has surged from a low of around $11,910 to a high of $12,888 on Binance Futures, before retracing to where it’s currently trading at $11,750. With this sudden move, Bitcoin broke the previous 2020 high marked on August 17th when the price reached almost $12,500.

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BTC/USD. Source: TradingView

The Rest of the Market Stalls Against BTC

Somewhat expectedly, altcoins are bleeding heavily against Bitcoin. The market dominance of the world’s leading cryptocurrency is increasing aggressively over the past few days, as it’s now sitting at 61.%, up about 3% in the last month.

Bitcoin Dominance. Source: CoinMarketCap

As CryptoPotato reported yesterday, BTC’s market dominance is sitting on a 2-month high, while altcoins are already feeling the pressure.

Moreover, a recent analysis indicated that the latest increase in the price of Bitcoin comes from fresh capital, and it’s not a rotation of funds from alts. This shows that the new money entering the space goes into Bitcoin, rather than alternative cryptocurrencies.

On an entirely positive note, it’s worth mentioning that this seems to be a news-driven event. The fact is, however, that PayPal still hasn’t allowed its users to buy Bitcoin, meaning that there might be more positive developments once the feature is rolled into the platform’s services. Moreover, the company has also stated that it will push for the adoption of using digital assets with its vast merchant network in the following year.


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